Get Out and Bike: FAT CYCLIST

Posted on May 22, 2012 by Adam Ziskin

This post has been long overdue, as O2 Rainwear has been following FatCyclist.Com for years now.  But for those that don’t keep up with and/or know of this gem, it’s never to late to dive in.  FatCyclist.Com was inspired by a dude named Elden, but whom prefer’s to be called “Fatty” for many reasons.  The blog was launched to assist Fatty in losing weight, as nothing was working.  Biking was his true passion.  He came to the realization that “humiliation” was the only “diet tactic” he hadn’t tried, and whallah, here is FatCyclist.Com cataloging his daily weight, good or bad, which tapped into his  inner motivational gas pedal, and he was heavy footed from here on out.  Mind you, Fatty is a father of four, with a full-time job, a passion to be on his bike a lot, the blog took on a deeper role for its fans and weight-loss seeking followers as well as attracted new comers as Fatty lost his wife to breast cancer.  Since that time, the blog has some what taken on something bigger than Fatty himself, as cancer hits home to almost everyone these days.  The blog has put on events that have raised tons of money for cancer research & helped many open up and find themselves again after tragic loss or current diagnosis.  Don’t get us wrong, Fatty’s blogs are hilarious, unique, creative, and not just about biking, losing weight, or cancer, its a worthy read at all times and tackles almost any topic that comes into the head of a cycling father of four that has a knack for journalism.  O2 Rainwear was given the honor of supporting one of Fatty’s unique fundraising events called The 100 Miles of Nowhere.  #100MoN is basically a century event, not a race, that sells out within a few hours of registration opening, allowing 500+ participants to donate to a good cause, get some killer gifts from supporting companies such as Twin Six, Banjo Brothers, Bike Monkey, & O2 Rainwear, and motivate using the honor system to go kill 100 miles of road or gravel, at your own pace, in your own hood, and for your own health.  Its beautiful.  To not know about Fatty is a crime, so check yourself, and check into FATCYCLIST.COM