Get Out and Bike: Gold Rush Mother Lode Adventure Race by Tecnu Extreme

Posted on April 27, 2011 by Adam Ziskin

Gold Rush Mother Lode Adventure Race becomes ONLY US Qualifier for Adventure Racing World Series and one of our AR teams that we sponsor is bringing it to life!

O2 Rainwear has been sponsoring team TecnuExtreme for years now along with WEDALI Adventure Racing Team.  We think Adventure Racing is an amazing sport that test the boundaries of human endurance.  Both teams are incredible.  TecnuExtreme is one of the best Adventure Racing Teams in the world, easily one of the best in North America.  Through hard work they have created something special called The Mother Lode Expedition Race presented by TecnuExtreme.  This race will happen Sept 8-11 in the Sierra Mountains of central California. Competing teams will be battling for a free entry to the Adventure Racing World Championship in Tasmania, Australia and 200 points in the Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Racing Series.  It is now the ONLY U.S qualifying race for the World Championships for 2011, and only one of 7 events in the world.

Gold Rush Adventure Racing

TecnuExtreme Adventure Racing Team

Get Out and Bike: Almanzo 100

Posted on April 8, 2011 by Adam Ziskin

Chris Skogen, the founder of The Almanzo 100 endurance race, is flying under the radar as a race event god.  The first three rules of his killer free endurance race is:


It all started as an organic & noble idea.  100% dirt, 100% free, 100% self-supported, 100% amazing.  It obviously is filling a void in the Minnesota Cycling race community and abroad. It started in spring 2007 with only 20 riders registered, 13 people actually showing up, and only 4 finishing.  Forward to spring 2011, the Almanzo 100 has over 700 riders.   This has spawned an even greater concept from Skogen, The Almanzo Gravel Road Series: Race for the Cup, which according to Skogen, “was born out of a desire to combine the finest gravel road cycling events in the country and the people that ride them.” The AGRS is currently a free 7 race gravel series.  You can find more information on the AGRS blog, which is linked on the bottom of this post.

Spring elements in Minnesota can always be unpredictable.  You can still have snow on the ground, you can have flooding, you can have extremely muddy conditions, you could ride the entire race in the rain.  With the Almanzo 100, you must be prepared for all elements.  This year, The Almanzo 100 race is set for May 14th, 2011.

The Almanzo 100
The Almanzo Gravel Road Series; AGRS